Warli Art and Handicraft

Learning Space has, over the years made efforts to build a support system to bring stability and sustainability to its free of cost educational projects - one of the livelihood village art program it has backed, the Warli Indian Tribal Art has the potential of reviving an ancient art form, alongside supporting livelihood of artists and artisans practising the art, and making a small surplus for contributing to the expense of free of cost educational programs for the children of the community.

Over the years 2008 to now, Warli Artists at the Learning Space, have innovated in the art by bringing colourful images, dynamic background and foreground combinations of imagery, and themes that enhance the simplicity and harmony in nature (please download the PDF copies of brochures given on this page to witness the amazing. In the past few years, designers of popular brands of women's traditional wear have worked with the Unit's artists to innovate in style and form of clothing.

Recently, some artists have developed sets of canvas paintings sized 7” X 9” that depict the Warli tribe as living in perfect harmony with nature as a message to humanity, and a set that depicts Gods and Goddesses from the Hindu Pantheon in a very creative way.

For complete info on Warli Art on Paper and Canvas, please download the brochure given under Download section.


Yuti Shah Edward who is the founder and designer of the popular brand of innovative female apparel UDD has this to say about Warli Artists at the L S Creative Unit

"Working with the LSF team has been an absolute honour for me. I do hope they continue their art as these artists are super talented. Unfortunately people in India still do not value folk art and understand the importance of preserving its roots. But this is slowly changing which is the good news.

We had people from all over the world asking us about Warli and how we stumbled upon it. The range was received very well and we were so proud to have been associated with true artists of the Warli tribe."

Yuti Shah Edward has created the most exquisite designs using the essential Warli Art form and innovating with an expanse of shades and hues to the original art form available at the link; http://uddstudio.com/warli-gatha/

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