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Primary Z.P. Teachers Training

Bettering Local Teachers' English Language and Teaching Skills

LSF team has run training /orientation programs for teachers across Maharshtra to upgrade their English language and teaching skills at the primary education level in Zilla Parishad schools; these orientation programs have been run across Thane and Palghar districts over the last 4-5 years for thousands of beneficiary teachers. In the current year, we have also been reaching out to teachers in other districts, with enabling methodology that encourages participative learning, and the use of Audio-Visual medium to make education enjoyable and easy to assimilate. Here are some of the statistics of these orientation programs across Maharashtra.




‘Phone-A-Teacher’ English Language Development and Conversational Support for Local Teachers Learning Space has been running capacity building training for local teachers of the Thane district, primary & high school teachers since its inception in 2005. Over the decade, Learning Space has been expressing its concern about the lack of English environment for teachers and students, worsening their ability to pick up the language, and giving them a major setback in their higher education possibilities beyond school. It was also noticed that teachers in primary and high schools were reluctant to take up the English language teaching with confidence because of this lack of environment, and the lack of conversational support from anyone in the village context. In the year 2012, Learning Space team and Deutsche Bank CSR team put together a plan for their bank’s employee/officer to call up a respective local teacher on phone on a twice a week basis and help the teacher to get over the fear of speaking in English. This began a new support chapter in the life of many village-based local teachers who never had imagined to speak with city-based persons and make friends for their better performance in schools. Appeal to Corporate Employees/Club members and other educated citizens living in cities You can join our 'teacher conversational support program' for Learning Space and local primary & high school teachers, where you will call up teachers separately, one at a time, during the week/over the weekend, and speak to them in English, and help their English speaking ability over a period of few months. These conversations can be simple - starting from getting to know the teacher and slowly helping the teacher to express her work in English and for you to support that conversation to lead to better self-expression for the teacher. If it works for you, you can get some of your friends & colleagues also to join the Phone-A-Teacher program in due course of time. Please write to contact@learningspace.org.in if you wish to become a Volunteer for the Phone-A-Teacher program
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