Pre-School (Early Learner)

The Learning Space supplementary program school was set up in the interior area of Vajreshwari (25 kms from Virar stn East) in a hamlet between two villages (and their hamlets) populated by mostly tribal community, whose children need a lot more educational support than urban/semi-urban small town children, if they must be given equal educational opportunities. This school is created over a small piece of non-agricultural land (1/4 acre) with a multi-purpose hall, an open ground with an organic fruit and flower garden, and a traditionally built Hut that extends to a community kitchen for catering to various groups of The space that was created in the form of a supplementary school has already done wonders for its beneficiaries over the 2 years, and furthermore drawing a lot of attention from teachers and education officials over the Wada Block of the district offering wholesome activity and learning ground for nearly a 500 children of all age groups, over the year through several skill based programs like English learning, Computers, Art & handicraft, and others.


School Program

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