Mission & Vision

The Vision

We envision all tribal families living a life of dignity filled with purpose, hope and joy. Inspired by the ideals of holistic education, we believe that each individual discovers and creates meaning and purpose in his life through connections to each other, their community and nature.

By embracing this connectedness we hope to OFFER BETTER OPPORTUNITIES AND CHOICES for various groups within the rural-tribal communities, and evoke confidence and stability in their lives through a conscious process of awareness and learning to:

1. Awaken creative self-expression,
2. Create means of self-sustenance within the village system for those who choose to stay,
3. Inspire innovative actions and professional choices for those who wish to join the     mainstream,
4. Nurture respect and care for nature.


The Mission

Over a period of seven years the LS project has sprouted organically in those directions, as an external support mechanism for the rural educational system. LS project has worked extensively in the form of training workshops and seminars for teachers & supplementary programs for students of Z.P. Schools of Bhiwandi and Vada Talukas of Thane district.

The activities of this MODEL community learning/development PROJECT are broadly categorized as under:

A) 1. Supplementary Education for school children in English, Health and Hygiene, Self-Esteem, Music, Art and Creativity, Dance and Dramatics.

2. Teachers Training Programs in English Teaching and Conversational Skills.

B) Vocational Training for Career development among school leavers, housewives and other unemployed members of the community in Creative skills, Handicrafts, Painting, Computers, Organic Farming.

C) Evaluation of Performance among school children vis-a vis physical and mental disabilities, and remedial programs by means of counseling and therapy.

D) Vacation Camps of selected/representative children from Z.P schools for English language learning and Arts learning.


Some of the major breakthroughs in the years of motivated activity have been;

1. Developing an educational environment in a district that is most underprivileged and nonconducive to components of modern education.

2. Motivating local village school teachers through training programs to upgrade their systems 3. Introducing components of all-round learning at school viz. Living Values, Art & Creativity, Music & Singing, Yoga, English Learning, Dance & Drama etc. that are missing in the conventional educational system.


A Tribute of Appreciation

Our non-profit educational service has been appreciated by many who have come, seen and experienced the immense transformation in children and youth, in their perception and skills to be integrated in the mainstream. Our activity has been widely reported in local newspapers throughout the year, and many District Education Board officials exemplify the Learning Space center and its outreach activities as ideal to teachers all over the district. Please see the news reports made
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