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Environmental Education

Vanashakti has been conducting Environmental Education program for schools in the tribal areas of the Tansa Valley region Academic Year 2011-2012, supported by members of Learning Space team. This program seeks to conserve the ecosystems and the environment of the Tansa River valley through nature sensitization, nature appreciation and environmental education. Adhering to the school syllabus, an inhouse syllabus and modules are designed for the year round Environmental Education Program. The program was run in 6 schools of the region for the 8th and 9th grades. The program continues this Academic Year.

The following modules are used: Classroom Sessions, Audio Visuals, Group Discussions Do-it-yourself, Screening of Films, Backyard Ecology Trails, Map Making, Media trends in Ecology and Environment, Field trips and visits, Sustainable livelihood Options.

Apart from the year round program, intensive Summer Programs and other vacation programs are conducted for selected students from the schools. This Academic Year further intensifies the program, with the schools' and the students' support, co-operation and willingness. Along with the regular sessions, schools will have extra sessions for selected students on various components of Environment and Ecology, grooming them to be citizens capable of making informed choices and decisions for the betterment of rural India and of the country at large.

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