Founder & Director

Nitin Orayan

Nitin Orayan is a multi-faceted person who has worked extensively and contributed to diverse fields of activity such as Mass media, Education and Social Service. Born on the 6th July, 1963, he was raised in the Mumbai city , where he did his schooling and Postgraduate studies in Mass Communications from a reputed Institute. On the basisof his own experience of evolving a finer way to live one's life and with the study of many ancient Indian & Far-Eastern philosophies, Nitin Orayan wrote a book on Self-Integration, published by Pustak Mahal, New Delhi, First Ed. Aug 2003; Second Ed. Jan 2007 (Refer for "Integrate the Self" by Nitin Orayan.) Nitin Orayan left the city and decided to spend his time living in the Ganeshpuri village in the year 2004 (25 kms east of Virar stn.) known for its hot springs and temples, when the inspiration to start an educational non-profit came strongly following the running of a month-long personal and professional guidance program for youth .

Later, in the year 2010, he moved further interior of Ganeshpuri (3.5 kms) to a hamlet surrounded by adivasi dwellings, building a learning center and a home for himself and residence for teachers, with a small ground and garden. Over the years of his work for bettering village education, and serving various beneficiary groups in the district, Nitin Orayan has developed many holistic education modules with locally relevant content for implementing effective programs that would steer generations of village beneficiaries to the mainstream, allowing them a choice of profession or career.

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