Art & Creativety

Project proposal of ART & CREATIVITY Education program for Early Village learners
(pre-school and early primary school learners)

Work Area :
Schools in vicinity of Learning Space center, Village Kelthan, Wada

Direct beneficiaries
1) Pre-school children age 3-5.
2) Primary school children age 6-8 std. 1 and 2.

Indirect Beneficiaries :
Skill Building Activity for : 1) Pre-school teachers employed by the ICDS project 2) Primary School Teachers employed by Sarva Shisha Abhiyan


Description of the Project/Activity

Holistic development among pre-school and early primary school LEARNERS through art & creativity activities facilitating emotional, social and physical development. The project will bring about 1000 children from underprivileged rural-tribal communities to benefit from the outreach of Learning Space complete development program.



The age group of children from 3-8 is most potential learners, but in the village context these children are the most neglected ones. It is commonly known that these five years from 3-8 are the best learning-impressionable years for all children; however in the village context, the teachers take this age group most lightly considering the children too small/young to learn anything of substance. Schooling children at the primary level needed more lively methods of teaching (for bettering student participation and results) than what is conventionally practised and this aspect is found missing in govt. run schools of the Thane district. Learning Space Foundation (LSF) has been relentlessly working for the last seven years in the village schools of sub-districts (Rural Thane in Maharashtra) like Bhiwandi, Wada, Vasai, Shahpur, Vikramgad and reaching out to schools in very interior areas so that children in these schools can get a decent quality of education (more emphasis on English learning and Art & Creativity). From its inception, LSF had set its goal to better the quality of education in village schools, primary, middle level and secondary, through teachers training and direct outreach intervention in schools. Teaching methods using story-telling, singing, games and enjoyable activities were introduced to the local teachers through their trainings as well as school visits. LSF started its work and for 5 years ran a supplementary school in Ganeshpuri, a village known for its hot springs and devotees coming from all over the world. From this place, LSF teachers outreached into schools of the area inspiring & helping teachers to make their teaching more complete and enjoyable for the children.
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