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Project Chirag

Solar Lights For Village Homes

A student group of HR College, Mumbai have been running a solar lighting project for an interior village home-to-home called Project Chirag. Some of these young ex students of the HR College led by Jyotirmoy Chatterjee and Prachi Desai along with many student volunteers of the same college have lit up over 50 villages across India in the last 2 years, going into many interior tribal regions where the populace languishes in the dark after sunset. Learning Space and its network with 100's of villages in Thane district provided the ground support involving Gram-Panchayats of villages that had hamlets that were still off the grid, considering them as first deserving candidates for solar lighting. This project with participation from LSF commenced in Feb 2013 and has already done solar lighting in 1 0 0 i n t e r i o r homes, and in the current year plans to complete 500 homes.

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