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Sustenance for Self-Help Groups

Learning Space Foundation’s main learning Center is situated in the Kelthan village and surrounded by many hamlets inhabited by rural communities. Among these communities there are many organized self-help groups consisting of women who have collectively offered their skills in making local food stuffs from seasonal fruits and vegetables, raised loans to own farming implements like tractors and tools that are rented out to farmers in their village and the neighboring ones, and organized local events with hosting and catering facility. LSF has always put out opportunities for these self-help groups especially the ones in the village Kelthan who have offered their skills and services at every educational event, big and small, organized at the LSF learning center or in a nearby High school. Every year the women of self-help groups participate in a newspaper bag-making assignment (5000 bags) for free distribution at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park at Borivali, Mumbai as a “save ecology” measure undertaken by Vanashakti and the SGNP Management Board. Many individual designers of garments and bags from Mumbai and other cities have been encouraged to give these self-help groups assignments in garment and bag making over the last two years.

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